Tandem Studios is an agile digital media group dedicated to offer clients a better, more cost-effective method in producing technically oriented video productions. Our specialty – to deliver intruiging and effective visual communications of complex ideas while providing our clients with a positive overall project experience.

Tandem’s targeted offerings are primarily focused on executing in-depth videos that provide clear, interesting and above-all accurate explanations of products and services for our clients’ targeted audiences.

JONATHAN SARGENT CoFounder / Dir of Video

A proven video production professional, and one of the best post-production editors in the Southeastern US, Jonathan has strived to help others tell a great story for over 25 years. His talents and career path have led him to work with some of the most recognizable brands in the industry; from Discovery Networks to HGTV, Disney, Turner and more.

“I love the challenge of a complicated design, a tricky composite, or the perfect edit to get that needed emotional reaction…” – JS

CHAD AUSTIN CoFounder / Creative Dir

Chad’s unique talent to bridge the technical-creative gap allows him to extrapolate storylines from complex ideas. With over 20 years experience in the design and execution of experiential marketing initiatives, his career path has led him to aid numerous industries and influence major brands. He excells at tying challenging narratives together to give clients opportunities to brave new ideas.

“Nothing is more amazing than seeing a cohesive idea gel and become a realized success. It inspires, it energizes and invigorates creativity.” – CA


From the start, Tandem Studios has chosen to challenge the cost status quo of modern, corporate-level video production. The industry has changed and through years Tandem has worked hard to perfect a production model with clear goals, client approval points and solid delivery dates. By creating an efficient production process, overhead costs were reduced benefiting our clients’ overall budget spend. On average, we save our customers 25% to 30% versus the costs associated with traditional production firms. Contact us to learn how we can work together to bring you better video solutions for your budget spend while maintaining a dedicated digital video project workflow.